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Transport fares to go up in two weeks

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has implored Ghanaians, especially those who patronise commercial transports, to embrace themselves for an increment in transport fares within the next two weeks.

The GPRTU says transport fares should have gone up on the 1st of December last year, but they held on even though prices of fuel and spare parts have increased within the period. Reports suggest transport fares would be increased by 15% effective 6th February 2017, thereby creating panic among passengers.

But speaking to Onua on Wednesday, the National Vice Chairman of the GPRTU, Robert Sarbah explained that “within two weeks, we will come out with a percentage increment but for now, we are not aware of any [percentage] increment as it is being speculated”.

He told the host, Bright Asempa that “it is long overdue. We were supposed to have increased it on 1st December last year because the last time we increased fares was in 1st February last year but we have to use the right procedure to increase since we are not in the jungle welfare”.

Mr. Sarbah explained that “I don’t think there would be any transport fare increment without the GPRTU because whenever there is going to be an increment, we meet with the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC), the Progressive Transport Owners Association (PROTOA), the Ministry of Transport and other stakeholders and this processes have not been done”.

He noted that “the Transport Minister is not even in place so we cannot use our power to increase it transport fares”. State of lorry stations after heavy downpour On the state of the various transport terminals after last night’s heavy downpour in parts of the country, Mr. Sarbah admitted that they are in bad state.

He said “the district assemblies take the money but it appears they do not use the money to maintain the lorry stations and this is what we have been speaking against”.


Source: 3news

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