Ho court frees Volta secessionists

The Ho High court has freed some members of the Volta secessionist group, who were standing trial on treason felony charges.

The discharge of the seven persons follows a motion filed in court today by the Attorney General to drop the charge of treason felony and conspiracy to commit same against the suspects.

Before discharging them, the judge bonded them to six months good behavior.

The suspects allegedly held a press conference on February 26, this year, in Ho chaired by one Kudzordzi, who claimed that Western Togoland sovereignty was non-negotiable and that Ghana’s hold on Togoland was illegal and must be denounced and decoupled immediately.

The Homeland Study Group Foundation last year intensified agitations for the declaration of Western Togoland as a sovereign state, which they claimed stretches from Kulungugu in the Upper East Region to Keta in the Southern coast.

They claim that the Gold Coast voted to be a unitary state on July 12, 1956 while the Western Togoland voted to be in union with Ghana on July 9, 1956 and that the union had not been established till now.





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