No Imminent Terrorist attacks – Major (Rtd) Derrick Oduro

Ghana is free from any attack by terrorist groups because they themselves know we are peaceful nation, Deputy Minister of Defense, Major (Rtd) Derrick Oduro has stated.

The minority in parliament is demanding immediate action from government to assure the safety of the public after a number of travel warnings issued by the US, UK and Canada to their citizens visiting Ghana.

The countries are pointing to an increase in pick pocketing, extortion from police officers at checkpoints and fraud in the West African country.

Canada for instance has warned its citizens travelling to Ghana of an imminent terror attack at shopping malls, government buildings, public areas such as bars, restaurants, hotels and sites frequented by Westerners.

“Even though we have brought two Guantanamo Bay prisoners into the country those terrorist groups, Alqaida Al-shababa, ISIS know Ghana to be a peaceful nation” the lawmaker explained.

“We do not indulge ourselves in any group or alliance of any country to deal with them”, the Deputy Minister pointed out on a Kumasi-based radio station.

“So they also do not see us as their enemy like America and those countries which are not in their good books”, he added.

According to Hon. Derrick Oduro, Ghana unlike other West African countries is free from terrorist attacks because of vigilance of the security services.

“It happened in the Burkina Faso, La and Cote D’ ivore so we were warned that the next attack could be in Ghana but it never happened because we are very very vigilant”

“We are not alien to any power elsewhere and nobody seems to have bad intentions against us and this is what has kept us”, he repeated.



Source: Danso-Dapaah

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