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It’s in Our DNA to Enrich Ghanaians – Kufour

Former President John Agyekum Kufour has said that it is in the DNA of the New Patriotic Party to bring the nation out of hardship and enrich all citizens into a property owning democracy.

Speaking at the 25th Annual delegates conference of the NPP at cape coast, former president kufuor told party members to be mindful of the party’s central duty which is to lead Ghana out of the mess unfortunately created by the NDC.

”Let me remind all of us that we are truly democratic nobody forgets that…. that was the message we got from our forbearers because we respect the dignity of every individual”, he stated.

”We should never forget that into current times, we are in an Era of Technocracy, the digital age….you may be a democrat alright but if you do not know the Dynamics of the times, you talk democracy but at the end of the day your economy might be faltering, you might not be able to do the necessary social intervention to ensure the equality of opportunity, that is part of our DNA”, he explained.

He prayed the party to consider how to balance democracy and technocracy especially as the party prepares to retire into serious and detailed deliberations.

”It’s not every office that must be voted for, the leadership must be voted for but under the leadership, we must have full time backroom staff, very professional thinkers and workers.

According to him, the backroom people are not too good on platforms like himself and other known political figures but they have always been the support of these key figures in the party and in government.

He however, advocated that the party headquarters be equipped with such intelligent backroom people adding that, they must be paid well to sit and strategize for the party.


Source: otecfmghana.com

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