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”Politics Cannot Make a Pesewa For Me” – Dr Nduom

Founder and 2016 presidential candidate of the progressive people’s Party, Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom has stated emphatically that he makes no money from his political career.

”Business is top priority, politics is public service…politics cannot make one pesewa for me” the Business mogul and politician stated categorically.

According to him, there can never be any difficulty is his attitude or way of life because he has the conviction that politics is a matter of making a contribution to the society but not to take from society.

”I take care of business first and then it allows me the opportunity and the privilege of spending sometime to figure out how I can serve my people, my country and make a contribution…that’s is how I balance it”, he explained.

Dr Nduom stated that he does not want to be a desperate and hungry person as politics sometimes make politicians so he never puts politics first.

”Politics is something you do, in my view, when you have something to fall back on, when you have got some place to go and lay your head, and earn your income”, he said.


Source: otecfmghan.com

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