Reject mandatory tow levy – PPP

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has described as preposterous attempts by government to impose what it calls “Mandatory Tow Levy.”

“We, therefore, call upon Ghanaians to oppose this tow levy by openly speaking against the levy and demonstrate for the revision of the law with immediate alacrity,” the party said in a statement Wednesday.

According to the party, the move by the government is a “lackadaisical” way of solving problems in the country.

“The penchant of successive governments to opt for easier methods of solving problem in this country must not be countenanced. These shortcuts decisions in a long- run go to affect the country adversely,” it lamented.

The Parliamentary select committee on Roads and Transport okayed the payment of the implementation of the policy Wednesday despite stern public backlash.

The committee, in a report said having perused the details of the proposal presented by the national road safety commission and the transport ministry, it is of the view that the initiative will be good for the country considering the spate of accidents.

“The committee furnished with necessary information from various stakeholders and having addressed their concerns as provided in its recommendation, recommends the early implementation of section 102 of the road traffic regulations 2012 (Li 20180),” portions of the committee’s report said.

Fees per year for both commercial and non-commercial vehicles, depending on tonnage, range from GHS20 to GHS200. The program was suspended by the government in June after massive public opposition.

Concerns relating to whether the payments will be tied to a number of vehicles towed and how the activities of the towing services are going to be monitored are yet to be answered.

The Parliamentary select committee is, however, urging the service provider to consider paying part of their fees to the National Health Insurance Authority and the National.

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