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Mahama was not accountable –Tony Aidoo

Outspoken politician, Dr. Tony Aidoo, says former President John Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) failed the country’s accountability test.
The former Ghana’s Ambassador to the Netherlands told TV3 the Mahama administration failed to counteract the numerous corrupt scandals against his government.
This, he argued, contributed to the party’s defeat in the December 2016 elections, which he said, was more of a communication strategy fight.
For him, the GYEEDA and SADA scandals among others blinded the electorates to the various infrastructural development of the Mahama administration because the NDC communicators could not challenge those with bare facts.
“The effect therefore was that, the electorate was blinded relative to the numerous infrastructural projects that you [Mahama] managed to put up.
They became insignificant in the face of the propaganda that your government was corrupt, that you could not create jobs,” he observed.
Dr. Aidoo who is perceived to be critical of the NDC, a party he is a leading member of, indicated the communication machinery of the New Patriotic Party in the 2016 electioneering was more effective than the NPP.
“The 2016 electoral campaign was one of pitching communication against communication, unfortunately for the NDC, the NPP propaganda machinery was much more effective,” he said.
“That machinery has been in operation for more than four years damning you [Mahama and his administration] for being corrupt and so on and so forth.
The numerous scandalous cases, GYEEDA, SADA and so on did not augur well for the Mahama administration,” he added.
He observed the NDC’s communication team was “always on the defensive”, something he claimed he informed the then Chief of Staff about, and suggested a better option of “counter attacking”.
“I did discussed this with the Chief of Staff and I said the NPP has pushed you to the position at which you are always on the defensive, it’s time you started counter attacking,” he claimed.
According to Dr. Aidoo, the usual justifications that parliament approved those contracts that smacks of corruption was ineffective, and that he would have done a better job if he was in charge at the time.
Source: 3news


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