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“Armed robbery attacks high in Asafo, needs police protection”

Former aspiring assembly member for Asafo Electoral Area in Kumasi, Ernest Okai, has appealed to the Ashanti Regional Police Command to provide security for the area during the night, to allow the residents live without fear.

He said for several months, the people of the area had suffered robberies at the hands of armed persons during the night time, making it impossible for people to go out.

Speaking in an interview with Otec news’ reporter Francis Appiah, Mr. Okai called on the police to beef up security in the area to allow the residents move freely during the night, to liberate them from armed robbery attacks.

“Several persons have suffered from the incident of being robbed under severe torture of the body and personal belongings including mobile phones and cash,” he said.

He also said these robbery attacks have been necessitated by the lack of street lights in the area, and called on the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), through the assembly woman of the area, to provide street lights, especially at the Zion school and Asafo VIP bus terminal areas.

He also said the Asafo community has been taken over by ‘foreign robbers’ as their operational grounds to attack market woman at dawn and travelers patronizing the VIP buses.

“The best way to flush out these attackers is to institute a Watchdog Committee, who will be responsible for dealing with the ‘foreigner robbers’, because these committee members, residents of Asafo, know the hideouts of the attackers,” he suggested.

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