Don’t expect Akufo-Addo to order arrests – Peace Council to Ghanaians

National Peace Council Chairman, Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante


The Chairman of the National Peace Council Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante has said it is inappropriate for Ghanaians to expect President Akufo-Addo to order arrests in the seeming scourge of vigilantism that has engulfed the country.

According to him, the responsibility lies with the security agencies to play their role of ensuring that the country is rid of thuggery including political vigilantism.

Over the last few weeks, NPP vigilante groups in the Northern region have repeatedly impeded officials of the school feeding programme from doing their work over claims that the process that led to their appointment was skewed. They have hence threatened to keep the doors to the secretariat of the program in the region locked until their preferred choice of staff are selected.

In Accra and other places in the country, different vigilante groups under different names, all associated with the NPP, have stormed state offices and seized state properties as part of protests against individuals working there.

Speaking to OTECNEWS on Monday, Reverend Asante said  that the country is insecure as a result of the acts of vandalism by vigilante groups.

“The security agencies are there to do their jobs. If we don’t trust the police to protect us in such matters, then we are dead. I trust the Minister of Interior, I want to encourage him especially now that he has put his work on the line. We shouldn’t expect the President to order who should be arrested and who shouldn’t be arrested,” he told OTECNEWS’ KWAKU ANANE JR.

 Chairman of the National Peace Council, Rev Professor Emmanuel Asante, says he does not feel safe with the current rise of pro-government party vigilantism in the country.

Rev Asante, reacting to the recurrent outburst of chaos by the youth on OTECFM on Monday, 30 October, 2017 said he does not feel safe.

“Why would I feel safe if other people do not feel safe? No matter what my position is, and no matter what I put in place to protect myself or what clout I have, if an ordinary citizen of this country is not safe, I, as a citizen of this country, I’m not safe also and you are not safe,” he stated.

Source: Anane Jnr.

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