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Gas explosion: National House of Chiefs sympathizes with victims

The National House of Chiefs has expressed its condolence to victims of the Atomic Junction gas explosion on Saturday 7th October, 2017 and wished the injured speedy recovery.

The House also called on Ghanaians to lend their support to the bereaved families and the injured especially during this difficult time.

Atomic Junction Gas Explosion occurred on 7 October, 2017 where a Liquefied Petroleum Gas station located around Atomic Junction in Accra, Ghana, exploded. News gathered from the explosion reports that the Gas station exploded first before affecting a Total Filling Station nearby which also caught fire. There were a number of fatalities, with at least seven deaths and 132 injuries being reported.

A National Petroleum Authority (NPA) interim report has found, the October 7 gas explosion happened after a driver’s mate with no training in handling LPG was given the task of discharging the highly inflammable substance at a station.

The driver’s mate took to his heels after he failed to stop the gas from leaking at the gas station at Madina Atomic Junction in Accra. It was a failure that allowed the gas to spread in search of an unconfirmed ignition source leading to a tragic explosion that has left seven dead in Ghana’s eighth gas explosion in the past three years.

The House wishes to acknowledge the timely response of the relevant government agencies particularly, the police, Ghana National Fire Service and NADMO, as well as the response of our Doctors and their teams. The role and the sacrifices of the media personnel also deserve commendation.

However, the House regrets the fact that the lack of respect for and enforcement of the laws of the land, as they relate to the sitting and operation of gas and fuel stations has put the lives of Ghanaians at risk, and has caused the death of more than 250 people over the past ten years from gas explosions.

They added that it is high time the nation fashions out formidable policies and adds more teeth to the existing laws in order to protect life and property and enhance the security of all Ghanaians. And we need, as citizens, to strictly adhere to the environmental, health and safety guidelines that govern the locations and conduct of our various businesses, and avoid the excessive greed that leads us to disregard the dangers our activities pose to ourselves and fellow Ghanaians.

The House believes that corruption and indiscipline are at the root of these disasters and urges all Ghanaians to join the fight against corruption and indiscipline in our society.

The House further calls on dealers in petroleum products to properly train their personnel so that the right safety standards can be maintained.

Meanwhile, President Akufo-Addo says nothing will let him and his government goes against the full implementation and enforcement of the new set of regulatory measures for handling Liquefied Petroleum Gas, issued by Cabinet Thursday evening.

Source, otecfmghana.com/ Kwaku Anane Jr.




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