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Give us details about ‘Killer’ Chinese – Wassa Youth ask

A group calling itself the Wassa Youth Network for Development (WAYN-DEV), is asking security agencies in the area to provide adequate updates and details of the whereabouts of the Chinese national who shot to death one of their own.
Godwin Quaicoo (Nana Buah a.k.a. Scorpy) was shot to death by a Chinese national in Wassa Akropong which sparked a few other seeming riots by a cross-section of angered youth in a section of the town.

It took the appropriate and timely intervention of the Paramount Chief of the area, Tetrete Okuamoah Sekyim II with the help of the available security, to restore calm.

In a press statement, the group says it lingers in their minds as to what actions must, and are being taken to bring the perpetrators of the ultimate incident to book and are asking of the whereabouts of the said culprits and the prosecution processes.
”Believing in the rule of law in our country, we aware that per the laws of our country, a suspect cannot be detained for not more than Forty Eight (48) hours after his arrest without being arranged before a court of competent jurisdiction”
WAYN-DEV, believes the incident is a climax of other incidence of intimidation, lawlessness, abuse of freedom, undermining of our hospitality and an increasing pace of insecurity in our area, following the insurgence of the Chinese expatriates in the area in the last few years.
The group is asking among other things, who allows these foreigners into the area and with what mobility and operational permits, who helps obtain and license these deadly weapons being used by these foreigners and how natives can ensure their safety and security against armed foreigners in the area.
”If this incident could occur in the center of the capital town, where there is the presence of security agencies, then what would have happened if it happened in the interior parts of our districts where there no security presence?,” the youth group asked.
WAYN-DEV is calling on major stakeholders, especially the security agencies, with the District Chief Executive as the Chairperson, to step up their operations and programmes to reassure the youth and people of Wassa Akropong and it’s environs that peaceful cohabitation with other foreign nationals is an ideal way for development.
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