BCI to engage female SHS students for breast cancer awareness creation


Breast Care International (BCI), a breast cancer advocate non-governmental organization, has indicated that it will engage female students at the various senior high schools across Ghana to intensify its breast cancer awareness creation.

According to President of BCI, Dr. Mrs. Beatrice Addai, in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service (GES), commencing this year, selected students from the schools will be given trainings in breast cancer; its control and prevention and they will be called Girls’ Ambassadors.

“These Ambassadors will be equipped with the knowledge on the prevention and control of breast cancer, which, in turn, as leaders, form Girls’ Clubs to champion the cause in the fight against the disease. The forming of the clubs will allow more youth into the limelight in the fight against the dreadful disease,” she explained.

Dr. Wiafe Addai, who is also the CEO of Peace and Love Hospitals in Kumasi and Accra, said this on Sunday, March, 24, 2019, during education and free medical screening for the members of Action Believers Chapel at Besease near Ejisu, in the Ejisu municipal in the Ashanti region.

The members were screened on breast, prostate and cervical cancers, diabetes and hypertension, and educated on the prevention and control of breast cancer.

Explaining further, Dr. Wiafe said the aim of the drive is to bring the youth into the limelight so that they can be in a better position to spread out the message to their peers and family members on breast cancer.

“When these students grow up with knowledge of the disease, they will be able to dispel the misconceptions and myths surrounding the disease; like breast cancer is caused by witchcraft, it’s not curable, contagious, among others. They will also have the fore knowledge of the disease so as to not suffer from the disease as others who paid no attention to early reporting of the disease to the hospital for prompt action to be taken,” she added.

The Presiding Elder of Action Believers Chapel, Elder Prince Sarpong, expressed his gratitude to the BCI/PLS team for educating them on breast cancer, especially, the Breast Self Examination (BSE), which is done to detect any lump in the breast.

Source: Ghana/otecfmghana.com/Francis Appiah







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