16.6 million persons captured in voter registration exercise

The Electoral Commission (EC) registered 16,663,699 persons during the mass voter registration exercise.

These figures from the commission are provisional.

The EC also has 797,493 people “quarantined” on multiple registrations and exceptions list.

The commission has put in place an Adjudication Committee to manually determine cases of duplicated voter registrations.

Since the EC’s last briefing, the four top regions in voter share remain the Greater Accra Region, Ashanti Region, Eastern Region and Central Region.

The commission noted that the Greater Accra Region lost some grounds “in percentage terms from 21.34 % to 20.8 percent of the total registered.”

“The Ashanti Region also reduced marginally by 0.1% to its current 17.9 percent,” the commission added at the briefing on Friday, August 7, 2020.

But “both the Eastern and the Central regions have maintained their previous 9.6 percent and 9.3 percent respectively.”

For the remaining regions, the Western, Western North, Upper West, Northern, and Upper East regions increased their share of voters on the electoral roll.

The Ahafo, Bono, Bono East, Oti, North East, and Savannah regions maintained their percentages.

The Commission added that “only the Volta Region reduced in percentage terms in this group.”

The 2019 register had a total of 16,845,420 voters, according to the Electoral Commission.

It noted that a limited registration, instead of the new compilation would have resulted in a little over 17.6 million being added to the electoral roll.

“A Limited Registration Exercise that would have taken place in all Electoral Areas and Registration Centers across the country was estimated to conservatively add about 2million Ghanaians on to the existing register,” it said.

The Commission believes that without the compilation of a new Voters Register, it was on track to “have almost 19 million people registered and another 800,000 denied the right to vote.”

Find below the full breakdown

WESTERN        1,103,728             6.6
WESTERN NORTH           458,416             2.8
CENTRAL        1,547,991             9.3
GREATER ACCRA        3,466,751          20.8
VOLTA           920,309             5.5
OTI           349,218             2.1
EASTERN        1,598,571             9.6
ASHANTI        2,980,475          17.9
BONO           644,224             3.9
AHAFO           312,186             1.9
BONO EAST           584,374             3.5
SAVANNAH           278,746             1.7
NORTHERN        1,029,395             6.2
NORTH EAST           285,001             1.7
UPPER EAST           644,605             3.9
UPPER WEST           459,709             2.8
TOTAL REGISTERED     16,663,699

Source: Ghana/otecfmghana.com

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