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Terrorism: Government rolls out “See Something, Say Something” campaign

Government is expected to roll out a series of educational campaign in the coming days  aimed at mobilising and providing the public with security education.

As part of the initiative, government will on Tuesday(24 May) roll out the ” See Something, Say Something”  campaign.

The initiative seeks to solicit information from the public on suspicious activities to help avert any possible terrorist attack in Ghana.

Addressing the media in Accra on Sunday(22 May) deputy National Security Minister Edward Kweku Asomani advised the public to report any suspicious character or activities to the security agencies.

“We all have to be vigilant, also we know that the terrorist want access to the sea, the nature of various attacks we have also had in the sub region indicates that wherever they go, there is some form of mineral or natural resources there, particularly gold.

“So the question therefore is , if they attack towns in Burkina Faso that has gold deposits, clearly Ghana will be a an interest, we are clearly therefore a target, and that is why we are here today to seek the support of Ghanaians, that you need to help the security and intelligent agencies, you need to report any suspicious activities that you see.”

“..Hence the see something says something campaign, we have the view that when Ghanaians own their personal security, when Ghanaians are aware of their environment and conscious of their environment, it will reduce the threat of an attack on our nation,” he said.

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