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60-year-old man fined GH¢12,000 for having sex with his 3 daughters

The police has granted the 60-year-old man after arresting him for incest

The Andoe Traditional Council in the Central Region has found a 60-year-old man guilty of incest.

According to UTV’s Shadrack Owusu Asante, the man identified as Opanyin Kwame Atta alias Showboy admitted to the abomination after he was dragged before the traditional leadership.

Showboy, according to UTV, earlier reported some young men, including the boyfriend of his 27-year-old daughter, to the chiefs of the town for wrongly accusing him of sleeping with his daughter.

According to the boyfriend, he had been informed by his girlfriend of her father’s sexual abuse of her.

However, the young men failed to substantiate the allegations when the case was called at the chief’s palace. This led the traditional council to pronounce the young men guilty and imposed a fine of GH¢2,400 on them.

After the young men paid the fine, some mysterious sicknesses befell Showboy and his family.

One of his daughters, a 32-years-old, is said to have gone beyond her nine-month pregnancy without giving birth.

“The situation led them to seek spiritual help, for which a pastor revealed it was due to an abominable act and asked her to confess and be free. The lady confessed to sleeping with her father, and she was able to deliver after. Two of the girls later confided in their mother that they and their father had also slept.

TWI NEWS60-year-old man fined GH¢12,000 for having sex with his 3 daughters60-year-old man fined GH¢12,000 for having sex with his 3 daughters0 seconds of 58 secondsVolume 90% 

“The matter was brought before the chiefs, and when the girls were asked why they kept it to themselves, one of them, who is 27 years old, said her father started abusing her at the age of 13. She said she informed her mother about it but was warned never to disclose it to anybody else. Her mother had promised to take her to a place for some rituals to be conducted but failed. They also lived in fear because anytime they mentioned it, their father threatened them with a gun until they started suffering from the strange disease,” the reporter said.

Summoned before the Andoe Traditional Council, Showboy is said to have confessed to sleeping with 3 out of his nine daughters.

The Chief of Andoe, Nana Atta Banafoe, after finding the 60-year-old man guilty of incest imposed a fine of GH¢12,000 on him and further directed him to produce some sheep for pacification and sacrifice.

A case of incest has also been filed with the Assin Manso Police, but Opanyin Kwame Atta also suffers from the mysterious sickness. So he was granted bail by the police after he was arrested. They are hoping he gets better so they can put him up for prosecution,” the reporter stated.

60-year-old man fined GHC12,000 for having sex with his 3 daughters seconds of 11 minutes, 15 secondsVolume 90% 

According to the reporter, there is now a dilemma as to who the actual father of the baby born by Opanyin Kwame Atta’s 32-year-old daughter is.

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