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Juaben: Watch how alleged “wee dealers” beating police officers with pestle, sticks and stones

A disturbing video of some alleged “wee” dealers in the Juaben Municipality of the Ashanti Region, attacking some police officers with pestle has caused massive uproar on social media.

In the video, some young men numbering about eight were seen beating another man with a huge pestle, sticks and stones.

A separate video which subsequently emerged also captured the same persons attacking another man with blood oozing from the victim’s mouth and nose.

The Assembly Member for Juaben, Hon Ransford Osei disclosed to OTEC News Jacob Agyenim Boateng on Wednesday April 5, 2023, that, the victims at the receiving end were two community police officers in the area.

“Per my checks, police in the area had arrested a friend of those you saw in the video for dealing in some illicit drugs, the two community police officers were reported to have taken Gh¢1000 from the gang under the guise of given it the  commander for the swift  release of their friend”.

“The group after waiting for some time without any affirmative results went to the police station and discovered that, the two community Police officers did not give the money to their superiors for the release of their friend as promised and so got agitated”.

“They went to the  various  homes of the officers and attacked them, the one you see them striking with pestle is known in the area as Owuraku, 26, who lives in my Electoral Area, and the other one is called Exhibit, 33”.

The two according to the assembly member have been hospitalized following the attack

Meanwhile six persons in the video who are yet to be identified have been arrested by police in the area for further investigations.

Source: Ghana/ Agyenim Boateng

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