“I Have Clarity In Mind, I don’t Need Honeymoon” – Dr Bawumia Woos Ghanaians.

Dr Mahamodu Bawumia, Flag-bearer of the New Patriotic Party

Flagbearer of the NPP, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has called on Ghanaians to elect him as the next president since he is clear in his mind what he has in store for the nation. 

While ending his speech at his Next Chapter event held in Accra on Wednesday, 7th February, Dr. Bawumia indicated that he is eager to serve Ghanaians and that he doesn’t need any honeymoon when elected president. 

“I am eager to serve. I am ready to work. I am determined to make a difference; a positive difference. I will work for you and with you; with honesty and integrity; with wisdom, and decisiveness. I have clarity in my mind as to what I want to do from day one if you make me President. I will not ask for a honeymoon to cool-off and think about what to do with the responsibility you would give me”, the Veep noted. 

He stated, “I am prepared and ready to work if you give me the opportunity. You know what I stand for. You know my vision. My vision is all about fulfilling your mission. I believe in the ingenuity of the Ghanaian”. T

“Together, we can succeed in building a progressive society of possibilities, enterprise, compassion, open opportunities and shared prosperity for every Ghanaian, born rich or poor, born in the north or the south, born Christian or Muslim, born girl or boy”


He articulated his attributes which make him the best choice for the Presidency.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, so far, I have spoken about the economy, my contributions, my vision my priorities and policies. In conclusion, the choice Ghanaians face in 2024 is between Vice-President Bawumia and former President  Mahama.  It is fundamentally a choice between the future and the past. We have to ask ourselves a number of questions in making that choice:

• If you want someone you can you trust to come up with innovative and impactful ideas to transform Ghana, then it is Dr. Bawumia. 

• If it is someone with personal integrity who is not corrupt, and can be trusted to fight corruption, then your choice, clearly, is Dr. Bawumia.

• And, if the person you have in mind is someone you can trust to work hard and tirelessly and selflessly for Ghana, it is Dr. Bawumia.

• If you want a leader who has a proven record, and who you can trust to create jobs for the youth, it is Dr. Bawumia.

• A man to trust to take care of the poor, disabled and vulnerable,  It is Dr. Bawumia.

• if you are looking for the man who has the vision and commitment to prepare Ghana for the Fourth Industrial revolution, it is Dr. Bawumia.

• If you are looking for the man who is more committed to protecting and using our natural resources for the benefit of Ghanaians, It is Dr. Bawumia.

• Who will be more accountable to Ghanaians? A one term president like my competitor, or a person who can look to the long-term development of Ghana because he can have two terms? It is Dr. Bawumia. 

• who can you trust to protect and improve Free SHS? Once again, it is Dr. Bawumia.

• Who can you trust to improve the National Health Insurance Scheme and improve the quality of healthcare in Ghana? It is Dr. Bawumia.

• who has demonstrated a commitment to the development of deprived communities like the Zongo Communities? it is Dr. Bawumia” he said. 

Continuing, Vice President Bawumia said: “Ladies and Gentlemen, many people have said that I am the most impactful Vice President in Ghana since independence. I do not intend to compare what I have achieved as Vice President under President Akufo-Addo to that of a Vice President who could not, perhaps, make a mark. I would let you be the judge of that. But I can say that I have never been President of Ghana before. I am presenting myself to you for the first time to ask for your precious vote to serve you as your President. And in all humility, I would like you to give me the opportunity to become one of the most impactful presidents in Ghana’s history”

“I have outlined many far-reaching measures

Source: otecfmghana.com/ Michael Ofosu-Afriyie,  Kumasi 

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