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Hon Freda Prempeh donates 120 motorbikes to government institutions within her constituency

The Member of Parliament for Tano North Constituency, Hon Dr Freda Akosua Prempeh has donated 120 motorbikes to government institutions within her constituency to enhance work efficiency.

Explaining the role the motorbikes are going to play in each of the sectors, she said the donation will greatly enhance security in the constituency.

She stated that “law enforcement agencies and security personnel will now have increased mobility and faster response times to address potential threats and maintain law and order.”

“This improved transportation will enable them to cover larger areas more efficiently, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community,” she added.


According to the former Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, the donation of motorbikes will have a positive impact on healthcare services in the constituency.

“This increased accessibility will ensure that people in need can receive timely healthcare services, leading to improved health outcomes for the community,” she clarified.

On Education, she believed the motorbike donation will also benefit education officials, will have better means of transportation, allowing them to visit schools, conduct training sessions, and monitor educational programs more efficiently.

Hon Dr Akosua Prempeh added that the agricultural sector will experience positive growth as a result of this generous gesture as agricultural extension officers will have increased mobility to access farmlands, provide guidance, and offer support to farmers.

“This will lead to improved agricultural practices, increased productivity, and better economic opportunities for farmers in the constituency,” she noted.

Source: Ghana/otecfmghana.com/Francis Appiah

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