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Galamseyers targeting our pipelines – Genser Energy Board Chairman raises alarm

Nana Otwasuom Osae Nyampong VI, the Board Chairman of Genser Energy, has raised alarm over illegal mining activities posing a grave threat to newly installed gas pipelines in Ghana’s Ashanti region.

Nana Nyampong highlighted the urgent need for intervention, urging local chiefs to educate their communities about the perilous consequences of such practices.

He cautioned against the perilous combination of illicit mining beneath the gas pipelines and the presence of combustible gas, underscoring the potential for catastrophic explosions.

The chief stressed the paramount importance of prioritising safety over the pursuit of uncertain riches, emphasising the grave risks posed to both miners and the integrity of the pipeline project.

“Those on the right of way have begun prospecting for minerals along our gas pipelines. Simply put, galamseyers have begun digging under our pipelines to see if they can strike it rich overnight. It is a very dangerous enterprise because when you are digging, you are using some force and a little spark of fire may touch the gas and you will lose your life with the explosion that will happen”, the chief warned.

“We will appeal to the chiefs who own these lands on the right of way to educate their citizenry that there is no gainsaying that you are going to look for gold and you may not come back home. You shouldn’t exchange your life for wealth which you may not even get,” he urged in an interview with Accra-based Citi FM.

Meanwhile, Genser Energy, a Ghanaian-owned independent power producer, expressed profound gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the successful completion of a critical 110-kilometre natural gas pipeline.

This vital infrastructure is poised to supply power to the 250-megawatt Kumasi 1 Thermal Power Plant (K1TPP) and future facilities, representing a significant stride in Ghana’s energy landscape.

Constructed with 12,000 steel pipes imported from the US, the Anwomaso Gas Pipeline, spearheaded by Genser Energy, aims to bolster the nation’s power sector by delivering natural gas from the Western Region.

Comprising three phases covering a span of 420km across strategic regions, this network promises to fortify Ghana’s energy sector and facilitate access to affordable energy for regional industries

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