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Privatize GRIDCo, ECG and VRA – Otumfuo tells govt

The Asantehene , His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II  has called on Government to privitised the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Volta River Authority (VRA) for effective management

The renowned monarch has observed that, given ECG, VRA and other non-functional state companies to a private concessionaire will improve its operations

He noted doing so will attack more investments in the country and create more job opportunities for the youth

The Asantehene said this during the official commissioning a 110 kilometer pipeline constructed by Genser Energy, Ghana’s leading private   Energy provider, at  Anwomaso in the Ashanti Region on Wednesday April 17, 2023.

He noted it was wrong on the part of successive governments to be at the center of industrialization and creation of companies without the involvement of the private sector

“It is about time for Ghana to realize that governments continuous involvement in setting up companies was not working, government should rather focus on working on policies that will help business to thrive and allow the private sector to operate”. He said.

Commissioning the project, Executive chairman for Genser Energy, Mr Jonathan Oppenheimer said the company has constructed 430 kilometers of gas pipelines in the country to provide cheap and reliable energy

He noted that the Anwomaso station was a 110 kilometer gas pipeline aimed at providing efficient energy to industries in the middle and northern belt of Ghana

He assured the company’s commitment to serving Ghanaians by injecting monies into long term energy projects that will help provide access to cheap and reliable energy.


The Genser pipeline network spans about 430 km and consists of 23 gas stations. The network is divided into three phases: phase one (BP01), phase two (PP01), and phase three (PP02). The main supply of natural gas starts from the Ghana National Gas Company (Ghana Gas) at Prestea Regulating and Metering Station (PRMS). The first phase spans from Prestea to Tarkwa to Damango and ends at the Golden Star Resource, Wassa Mine. The second phase stretches from Prestea to Gyegyetreso to Manukrom. There is a Branch Point Station (BPS) between Prestea and Gyegyetreso at Humjibre.  From Humjibre BPS, the pipeline extends to Chirano, where there is a Regulating and Metering Station (RMS). The third phase is from Gyegyetreso to Anwomaso in the Ejisu Municipality in the Ashanti Region.

The phase three pipeline network (PP02) is 110 km in length and consists of 5 gas stations. Three of the stations are Block Valve Stations (BVSs) located at Miawano, Ntinako, and Adwafo. The other two stations are a Regulating Point Station (RPS) located at Gyegyetreso and a Branch Metering Station (BMS) at Anwomaso. The nominal pipe size used for PP02 is 24 inches with a schedule of 40, making it the biggest Genser pipeline yet. All fittings, flanges and equipment installed on the PP02 have a class rating of 600.

PP02 takes off from Gyegyetreso BPS on the phase 2 network. The distance between Gyegyetreso BPS and Gyegyetreso RPS is about 0.8 km southeast of the BPS. The pipeline then travels northeast at approximately 35.27 km to Miawano BVS. From Miawano, the network runs further east to Ntinako BVS, about 17.57 km. The line then continues to Adwafo BVS, 29.5 km east of Ntinako. The pipeline is terminated at Anwomaso BMS, 26.7 km east.

Monitoring of PP02 and the entire pipeline network is conducted from Anwomaso BMS and the central control room at Genser RRS in Prestea using Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). The Safe operation of the pipeline is very crucial, this is conducted through the use of safety devices such as portable and fixed gas detectors, automatic controlled Emergency Shut-down Valves (ESDV) and Pressure Safety Valves (PSV).

PP02 travels along major communities such as Antoakrom in the Amansie South District, Ahwiankwanta and Kokofu in the Bekwai Municipality, Kuntanse in the Bosomtwe District, and Anwomaso in the Ejisu Municipality.


Genser Energy is a diversified energy company with operations in West Africa.

We are the leading embedded power generation producer in Ghana with just over 200MW of installed capacity. Over the last 17+ years, we have designed and built seven power plants in Ghana and one in Burkina Faso. We continue to operate five of these, providing power to Ghana’s leading gold mines, transferring the others to customers.

We distribute natural gas through our pipeline network of over 420km, selling power and natural gas to energy intense industries.

We design, finance and build our power generation, gas distribution and gas midstream assets and are currently constructing a gas conditioning plant and cryogenic storage tank to enhance our gas midstream business.

Source: Ghana/ Agyenim Boateng

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