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Cement prices to go up again from July 1 amidst price control moves by govt

In the midst of a heated debate over a proposed legislative instrument spearheaded by Ghana’s Trade and Industry Minister, K.T. Hammond to regulate cement prices, cement manufacturers have announced their intention to increase prices.

The former Vice Chair of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association, Dr Stephen Debrah-Ablormeti, who disclosed this, noted that cement prices had already risen by GH₵10.00 in May, and it is set to increase by an additional GH₵12.00 effective July 1.

According to him, he was informed by cement manufacturers a few days ago that effective July 1, the prices of cement will shoot up again.

“As of this morning, we got text message from the cement manufacturers that effective 1st of July, they are increasing it by 12 cedis.”

“The truth of the matter is that if you are on a project and it takes you 24 months to develop, giving the fact that cement contributes to about 70% of the building component, once the price of cement is increased, the price of block is increased, price of concrete is increased, price of plastering materials are all increased because it is the same ingredient that affects them in terms of their components.”

“So you realise that you get on a project from January, before December this project is already experiencing 30, 45% increase in cost.”

According to him, over the last two months, iron rods have been increased by 28%.

“How do we manage our costs as developers? So, this is not getting funny at all so we strongly support the position of the Honorable Minister to push this agenda and with the backing of the industry, we should be able to have some competition that will be equitable for all on the market,” he said.

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