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Kumasi: Water Resources Commission engages stakeholders on draft L.I. for water resources pollution

Stakeholders’ engagement in the draft Legislative Instrument (L.I.) for water resources pollution and control of affluent discharge and riparian buffer zones regulations has been held in Kumasi, in the Ashanti region.

The engagement organized by the Water Resources Commission (WRC), brought together stakeholders from the mining and agricultural sectors, representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the Forest Commission and the district assemblies.

The engagement is part government plans to formalize the activities of the Artisanal and Small Scale Mining, under the Ghana Landscape Restoration and Small Scale Mining Project (GLRSSMP).

The Chief Basin Officer of Water Resources Commission (WRC) Mawuli Lumor in his address on Monday said the meeting “will assist the commission in the development of legislative instruments to regulate the discharge of water in all its control form into water bodies and prescribe the acceptable levels of pollution of all freshwaters”.

Mawuli Lumor expressed confidence that “the two LIs would play a significant role in tackling the nation’s major problems with buffer deterioration and water resource pollution once they were passed”.

He made an appeal for support of the environmental protection project to traditional authorities, small-scale miners, MMDAs, and other influential people to save the environment.

Source: Ghana/ Appiah

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