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Give Nana Addo the freedom to appoint – Group charges

nana-addo-dankwa-akufo-addo-1-800x516A group calling itself Critical Thinkers International has called on politicians and other Ghanaians to stop exerting pressure on Nana Addo through lobbying and afford him the freedom to make his appointments.

The group in a press release disclosed that some people are desperately lobbying for certain positions in Nana Addo’s administration using journalists, political pundits, civil society organizations, religious leaders and some vulnerable youth as lobbyists.
“Critical Thinkers International has come across rumours of people seriously lobbying for various positions in the impending Nana Addo’s administration of which our investigations in addition to comments by Mr. Martin Amidu has also confirmed”,the statement said.

According to the group, such Lobbying activities only tend to influence people to make mistakes, Breed corruption, retard development, and cause unhealthy competition between people.

The group however expressed belief in Nana Addo to live up to his track record of competence by appointing the right people to fill various positions in his administration.

Statement below


Lobbying (also lobby) is the act of attempting to influence the actions, policies, or decisions of officials in a government. Lobbying is bad, it influences people to make decisions they never wanted to take. It breeds corruption and can cause the selection of square pegs for round holes. it brings about needless unhealthy competition, hatred, rivalry and enmity between people. In a nutshell, it retards the development of a nation. These and the many others are the reasons why the Americans are doing everything possible to get rid of lobbyists from the politics in their country.

Critical Thinkers International has come across a rumour of people seriously lobbying for various positions in the impending President Nana Addo’s administration of which our investigations in addition to a confirmation by Mr Martin Amidu has confirmed it to be true. Our investigation further revealed that people desperate for certain positions are using some journalists, political pundits, civil society organizations, close people to the President-Elect, religious leaders, some vulnerable youth and others as their lobbyists for this national development threatening agenda.

The group has a strong belief in the President Elect Nana Addo in appointing the right people for the right positions and jobs as he has always done in the past as he did in his days as a Minister of state under Ex-President John Agyekum Kufour, his appointment of Dr Bawumia as his running mate and the involvement of very competent people even those who were his opponents during the Flagbearer contest in his campaign team and others. As a result of this display of competence in his previous selection of the right people for specific tasks, we will plead with all lobbyists to immediately back off so that no pressure is exerted on Nana Addo in his appointments, so that he does not through mistakes push any square pegs in round holes.

To conclude CTI will applaud Mr Martin Amidu for calling off all people lobbying for him, we hope others in same pool will do same so that Nana Addo can successfully appoint the best for the various positions and jobs devoid of any influence.

Thank you

Hhhmm may God be praised always


Critical Thinkers International

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