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Man murders wife in cold blood and leaves body to rot

murderA man has murdered his wife in cold blood and left her remains to rot in their room at Konogo-Ahyieamu in the Asante Akim Central district of the Ashanti region.
The man, identified as Desmond, reportedly murdered his wife and kept the body in their room for 4 days before he finally decided to abscond.
Ama ba Amponsah reports that Desmond on Thursday 15th of December, sent his two children to their grandparents’ house at a nearby town on an unplanned vacation, right after he refused them entry into their room from school.
Fully aware of the crime he had allegedly committed, he blocked the kids from entering the room, changing their school uniforms and even packing new clothes for their vacation to the amazement of his colleague tenants.
Desmond told the kids to tell their grandmother that their unplanned vacation was because their parents had traveled. The youngest of the kids, revealed to their grandmother that he saw his Mother sleeping on the floor in the room and that it was not true that their parents had traveled.
Confused Grandmother called Desmond via phone to verify what the younger kid had said but he denied and rather confirmed that he and his wife Akua Ampofowaa had traveled together.
Desmond kept his wife’s remains in their room from Thursday through to Sunday until the stench of the decaying body became unbearable, so he packed his things and Left the house secretly to avoid arrest.
Later, his colleague tenants and landlord also heard the stench coming from Desmond’s room and decided to break open the door after knocking for hours without any response.
The landlord and tenants after breaking the door were shocked to find the remains of Akua Ampfowaa lying in a pool of clotted blood and decaying.
They reported the crime to the police and the body was conveyed to the morgue.
Desmond has still not been seen or heard of and the police have mounted a search for him.
Source: Otecfm 102.9

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