I was confused: Ofori Amponsah explains U-turn to secular music

1444472437412Highlife musician, Ofori Amponsah has disclosed that the trauma he went through after his wife divorced him some five years ago was the reason he came out to say he was ‘dawging’ secular music for the altar.

But after living the life of a “Man of God’ for a while, Ofori Amponsah aka All4Real realised he was not cut for that and came back last year with Alewa featuring Sarkodie saying he was done with that life and has reconciled with secular music.

He is therefore pleading with Ghanaians to forgive him if he offended anyone with his intermittent switch from Highlife to gospel and back to Highlife because he was confused at that time.

In an interview with Showbiz, the Otoolege hitmaker said his wife leaving him rendered him so heartbroken that he became a recluse and didn’t want anything to do with anyone not even his first love- music.

“I just could not live with that. I was very confused. My marriage falling on rocks dealt me a big blow. I locked myself up. I didn’t want anything to do with anybody. I virtually went crazy and even considered committing suicide.

“I started smoking and drinking heavily and that got worse when I found out my friends who I trusted told lies about me to my wife which she believed. I could not believe they could cook up stories like that. That got to me badly.

“I gave out all the expensive equipment in my studio for my work and didn’t want to have anything to do with music. Infact I lost faith in God. I hit rock bottom”, Ofori Amponsah revealed to Showbiz.

Two years after recovering from the shock of his wife leaving him, the multiple award winning artiste said he somehow revived his faith in God as part of his healing process.

‘’I think God wanted me to draw closer to Him that is why He allowed what happened to happen to me. And it was around that time that I set up a church in my house.

“Now the real Ofori Amponsah is back like never before after clearing my head from all this trouble. Ghanaians are now going to enjoy the real Ofori Amponsah again but now a better and a more transformed Ofori Amponsah” he said.

His manager Ashes who was by him during the interview said Ghanaians should give Ofori Amponsah the benefit of the doubt and accept him for who he is because everyone goes through bad situations at a point in life.

Ashes added that, Ofori Amponsah has so far done collaborations with artistes such as Kwabena Kwabena, Akwaboah, Amakye Dede, Paa Kwesi and he looking forward to working with more artistes in the next couple of months.

“Ghanaians, your favourite highlife musician who gave you songs such as Odwo, Emmanuella, Sardine, Abelle, Puduo, Nothing But Love has come back to stay” he added.



Source: Graphic Online

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