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‘There is no €18m electronic waste recycling contract’ – Mahama Ayariga

mahama-ayariga-ministerEnvironment Minister Mahama Ayariga has denied illegally terminating an agreement for the setting up of a €18 million electronic waste recycling plant.

He said he couldn’t have abrogated a contract he did not know anything about.
The firm, Debsther Klean has petitioned the Chief of Staff over the matter claiming they were selected by the minister to construct and operate an electronic waste recycling plant.

According to the company, the Minister later backtracked and gave the contract to another company.
But Mahama Ayariga explains that there is no contract in the first place as it is being reported in various media platforms.

Mr Ayariga said someone came to see him in his capacity as the sector Minister asking for permission to establish an electronic waste recycling plant.
“That person is saying that his plant would cost him €18 million. he is the one going to find his money and establish his plant and int he future when we [government] have electronic waste to recycle then he would fix the charge per volume of waste recycled and he would be paid.
“As we speak government is not giving anybody anything [permission] to establish an electronic waste recycling plant,” however he did not deny giving them the go-ahead to start.

“The Debsther people who are running around radio stations, they have not written to me wanting to establish a recycling plant and I have rejected it. They have gone around doing all sort of things, now they have gone to court”

Mr Ayariga said it is a very simple matter once the company has gone to court, they should wait for the court to make a determination whether they have a case.

Source: joynews

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