E/R: Millipedes invade Begoro Hospital

Thousands of poisonous millipedes have invaded the Begoro Government Hospital in the Eastern region creating massive discomfort for patients and staff at the facility.

The millipedes flooded the compound of the hospital and invaded some wards and offices of the health facility on Thursday.

Reports say that the hospital authorities are struggling to control the invasion.

Sources at the Begoro Government Hospital disclosed that the insects “are all over the facility, in the wards, everywhere “.

Information gathered indicates that, millipedes invasion at the hospital happens annually but it is, however, unclear what triggers the invasion.

According to scientists, millipede invasions are triggered by very hot and dry conditions or when it’s too wet and water-saturated soils force them to the surface and higher ground.

Millipedes may also migrate in the fall, presumably in search of overwintering sites. All of these activities result in millipedes invading crawl spaces, basements and other areas of buildings. Millipedes are most likely to invade areas where moisture tends to accumulate.

Speaking to Starr News, the Medical Director at the Begoro government hospital, Dr. Richmond Duodo said the Environmental department of the hospital are fumigating the compound to control the insects.

Meanwhile, there are other reports that the Salvation Army Clinic at Begoro has also been invaded by millipedes.








Source: starrfmonline



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