Furious minority abstains from parliamentary proceedings

The Minority in Parliament has abstained from ongoing deliberations in the House regarding the government’s planting for food and jobs program.

This was after the minority leader Haruna Iddrisu was stopped from asking a follow-up question by the Speaker when the Agric minister appeared before the House for questioning Thursday.

“I have consistently made it clear to both sides of the House – Majority and Minority – that no one will be allowed a double bite as I said on many occasions to both the Minority and the Majority. In all honesty, you all know that.

“Let me make it clear that this argument was most unnecessary and that in future what is going to happen is no leader shall have double bite at the chamber,” the Speaker Prof. Mike Ocquaye told the Tamale South lawmaker.

However reacting to the action, Mr. Iddrisu said “You know the essence of parliamentary questions is significant and integral to the exercise of oversight. Your refusal to allow me even as Minority Leader to proceed can only be an effort to cripple us”.

Earlier, some minority members had threatened to trigger an impeachment process against the speaker for being bias.



Source: starrfmonline

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