Probe EC immediately – Peace Council

The National Peace Council has now called for a probe into the allegations surfacing at the Electoral Commission as a result of a public dispute between the EC Chairperson, Charlotte Osei, and her two deputies.

Chairman of the Council, Professor Emmanuel Asante, who had earlier called for an arbitration process to resolve the dispute, is now saying “at this stage, allow due process to work.”

He noted that the accusations being brought to the fore now “bordered in criminality” hence the change in stance.

But in the mean time, Prof Asante still called for an end to the war of words between key parties within the EC, the most recent being more accusations and assertions being touted by the deputy Chairperson of the Commission in-charge of Corporate Services, Georgina Opoku Amankwah.

Regardless of the conclusion of the investigation, he reminded that the reputation of the EC was still being tainted by the accusations flying around in the public domain.

“My humble submission to the commissioners and also to the staff members is to think about the image of the institution because the Electoral Commission is very crucial when it comes to the democratic governance of our nation and any erosion of confidence of the electoral commission is going to have negative effects on our future elections and the work they do.”

“So they should think ahead as they trade accusations and counter accusations and in an attempt to justify and redeem their own image, they should also think far… they have said enough and they should allow due process to take place,” he told citi fm.


Source: citifmonline

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