Kumasi Traditional Council orders KMA to demolish structures around Kejetia


The Kumasi Traditional Council (KTC) has ordered the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly to demolish all structures that impede the progress and completion of the Kejetia Terminal Project in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital.

The project, which started in 2015 and scheduled to be completed in January 2018, has to be delayed due to impending land litigation involving the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) and a private businessman over land ownership.

Bantamahene, Baffour Owusu Amankwatia VI, who presided over the meeting,  gave the order on Monday January 29, 2018, when the two feuding factions, the KMA and owner of a structure that had to be pulled down were hauled before the Council to brief the Chiefs on the slow pace in completing the Kejetia Project.

The $198-million facility, which started in July 2015, has facilities such as CCTV systems powered by a solar power generation plant on the roof, modern sewerage and waste management facilities, a water reservation and sewer treatment station, among others.

Other facilities to be provided include a large convenient parking lot, a modern bus terminal, a clinic, a police station, a crèche and some community facilities that will all change the skyline of Kumasi after completion.

A private businessman, Karikari Asante, who is in a legal tussle with the KMA over demolition of some of his buildings at the Kejetia, is demanding compensation from KMA, before allowing the Assembly to pull down his other buildings, to pave way for the project to go on.

He said he was give permit by the Assembly to put up structures in 2003, during Hon. Kofi Jumah’s time.

According to him, since the Kejetia project started, he has had two of his structures demolished but the KMA is yet to pay him any compensation.

Mr Karikari said he cannot stop the development of KMA but only fighting for the due compensation before he allows his property to be demolished again.

On the part of KMA, the Metro Urban Roads Director, Nana Poku Agyemang, who stood in for the Mayor of KMA explained that the Kejetia Project has delayed as a result of the unavailability of a parcel of land for the technical area for the project.

This is because All States Constructions Limited placed a court injunction on the development of the area sited on the area to be used for the technical area.

Giving ruling after all the factions of the Kumasi Traditional Council had spoken, Bantamahene, Baffour Owusu Amankwatia asked the KMA to demolish the said structure impeding the project without compensation since Mr. Asante had defiled earlier instruction by the Asantehene for him not to put up any new building at the site.

“When you met Otumfuo, he told you to remain calm and not put up any structure on the said disputed land until everything is solved. Because you have shown disrespect and defile the orders of the Great King, no compensation will be given to you when the building is pulled down, you will not receive any penny,” Bantamahene told Mr. Karikari.

“The development of Asantemen is of great concern to the King and the Ashanti Kingdom, and we will do everything possible to make Kumasi a ‘Garden City of West Africa’ again and any impediment that comes the way of the progress of Kejetia project will be eliminated,” he assured.

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