Bosome-Freho District: Nkwantapong community sees car for the first time


Nkwantapong community in the Bosome-Freho District of the Ashanti region has commended the District Chief Executive of the area, Mr. Yaw Danso, for constructing the road linking Nkwantapong and Yapesa, making it possible for vehicles to reach them.

According to some of the residents who spoke with OTEC News’ Nana Asare, they had never seen a passenger vehicle in the community. For over hundred years, the people of Nkwantapong had to walk several kilometers to the next community  before they could have access to public transport.

The sad part of their situation is that, if someone got ill they had to carry the person on a wooden board to the next community before they could transport the patient by car to the nearby health facility.

They said the community since its creation over hundred years ago had not benefited from any development projects initiated by the previous governments.

The therefore commended the district chief executive of the area, Hon Yaw Danso and the NPP Administration for taking upon themselves to construct the road from Yapesa to their Nkwantapong to help them in their transportation.

The District Chief Executive of  Bosome-Freho, Mr. Yaw Danso, stated in an interview that as part of his usual visits to the communities in the district he saw the challenge confronting the people of Nkwantapong, so he tasked the chief of the community to produce a list of their needs and wants.

He said the chief later  came with a  list of problems which included bad road network, electrification and safe drinking water among others. The DCE explained that he noticed the most pressing challenge that needed attention in the community was the bad road network, so he decided to construct the virgin road from Yapesa to Nkwantapong for them to enhance smooth transportation of goods and services through and from the Nkwantapong.

Mr. Danso stressed that President Akuffo Addo’s administration had promised to fix all the challenges facing the people of Ghana, therefore the people should  exercise patience and have faith in the government.

Source: Nana Asare Barimah


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