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11 perish in boat disaster at Krachi West in Volta Region

Eleven people lost their lives when a boat they were travelling on from Kete Krachi to Sipom an island community capsized.

GBC’s Correspondent Michael Birinkorang said more than 50 people were on the boat when the incident happened.

So far, 33 people have been rescued with the remaining still unaccounted for. Rescue operations being led by the Navy is still on-going.

Two pregnant women are among 11 passengers whose boat sunk on the Volta Lake. The passengers were travelling from one of the Island Communities to sell their farm produce when the boat they were in hit a tree stump in the Lake which caused the disaster.

District Chief Executive of Krachi West, Douglas Osei-Nti said a Navy team is still carrying out rescue operations.

He said ten bodies including two pregnant women have been retrieved.


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