No more credit to NHIS institutions until debt is settled – Pharmacy Chamber

The Chamber of Pharmacy Ghana says it will continue to enforce its decision not to supply medicines on credit to National Health Insurance accredited health facilities.

According to the Chamber, it will only rescind its decision until service providers pay their debts in full.

The Chamber earlier issued a threat to withdraw its services following indebtedness by the service providers.

It resorted to this course of action to forestall any potential repercussions on the companies under the Chamber, from the delayed reimbursement by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) through the Health Service Providers.

Speaking to otecNews, the Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber, Anthony Ameka expressed the frustrations they receive from banks the owe.

“If I supply medicines to a facility and every month I am paying interests on loans, you just imagine how much the facilities are owing me,” he lamented.

But he assured that the Chamber will become more flexible “immediately we receive all the monies that the facilities are owing us.”

Meanwhile, the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) says it had commenced the payment of service providers to help tackle the challenges.

The Public Relations Officer of the NHIA, Barima Sarpong, pegged the debt at “about GHS2.896 billion.”

“If we pay this amount and 40 to 45 percent is supposed to go into the payment of medicines then we shouldn’t be having this conversation,” Mr. Sarpong said.

In earlier comments on the matter, the Chamber also said it will request payment guarantees before supplying any more medicines to hospitals that require their services.

The Chamber also pleaded with the government to return to the decentralised procurement process through national competitive tenders.

It, however, assured of its commitment to provide quality and easy access to medicines at affordable prices for effective and improved healthcare delivery.

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