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BCI Boss sensitizes Jachie Pramso SHS students on breast cancer

Students of Jachie Pramso at the program

Breast Care International (BCI) Ghana has educated the students of Jachie Pramso SHS in the Bosomtwe district of the Ashanti region on breast cancer.

The students were also taken through breast cancer screening by the nurses of Peace and Love Hospitals after the students had the opportunity to ask pertinent questions about the disease.

The exercises were part of BCI’s efforts to increase breast cancer awareness among secondary school students in Ghana, whom they consider as ‘agents of change’.

The program was in partnership with Black Women Rising (BWR) UK, led by Leanne Pero, and sponsored by Provident Insurance Limited Company.

The President of Breast Care International Dr Mrs Beatrice Wiafe Addai said the students who the future belongs to need to be integrated in the fight against the dreadful disease.

In view of that, the students were enlightened on the risk factors, signs, symptoms and above all the controls and treatments of breast cancer.

Dr Mrs Beatrice Wiafe Addai who is also the CEO of Peace and Love Hospital demonstrated to the students to perform the Breast Self-Examination (BSE) to locate lumps.

“As the country’s future, you must be educated on breast cancer so that you will potent agents to change the perception narration about breast cancer,” Dr Wiafe Addai told the students.

She also made them believe that ”the disease is not caused by witchcraft that needs spiritual attention, but rather must be treated medically. So as potential agents, you must educate your families on the disease”.

To reduce premature deaths among women, Dr Wiafe Addai said the best antidote is to report to the hospital quickly if they notice any unusual thing in and around the breasts for medical screening.

Dr Wiafe Addai noted that late-stage presentation of breast cancer conditions may have negative consequences but assured that “early reporting and detection is equally key to surviving”.

The leader of Black Women Rising (BWR) UK, Leanne Pero, who is a breast cancer survivor, in her speech, made the students understand that contracting the disease is not a death sentence.

In reference to her, Leanne Pero said “breast cancer is treatable, curable and survivable if you report early to the hospital for diagnoses and proper treatment.”

“As future leaders, you must equip yourselves with all the necessary information about the disease that is killing our women needlessly. This will help you to educate your people about the disease,” Leanne Pero added.

Leanne Pero on behalf of Black Women Rising pledged her support to Dr Mrs Beatrice Wiafe Addai and her team in the quest to reduce breast cancer deaths in Ghana and Africa.

Source: Ghana/otecfmghana.com/ Francis Appiah

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