Hon Cecilia Dapaah rubbishes OSP real estate claims

The Office of the former Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources , Hon Cecilia Abena Dapaah has rubbished allegations leveled against the former minister by Office of the Special Prosecutor in regards to owning a real estate company.

In a statement issued on behalf of the former Minister, the Personal Assistant to Hon Cecilia Abena Dapaah, Kofi Mensah said the OSP is only engaging in a trial by public opinion which is illegal using the media to create public disaffection for the family and prejudicing the courts by the sentiments of citizens.

According to the aide, the former Minister at a point bought a SSNIT affordable housing facility for the mother at Kpone, a town in the Greater Accra Region but later sold it.

“I am surprised that the OSP would claim in his statement to the court that the former Minister owns a real estate business and how a house bought by the former Minister for the mother which was later sold could translate into the Mrs Dapaah owning a real estate business is surprising”, the aide refuted.

On the second claim that the former Minister was receiving monies from his dead brother’s account, Mr Mensah noted that the former Minister was signatory to the account opened after the brother’s death and that was used to save the money collected during the funeral.

This account and details of same were the ones the bank was periodically updating the former Minister, the aide clarified.

Mr Mensah wondered how the OSP was interpreting this as the former Minister receiving money from a dead person.

“We are sure that the OSP is fully engaged in the trial in the media and hence his posturing and the release of unrelated matters to the public domain just to cause disaffection for the former Minister and her family”, the aide stated.

Third False Claim:
On the claim that there were envelopes and monies concealed in obscure corners in the room of the former Minister, the aide described it as frivolous.

He noted that the former Minister’s husband continues to receive monies from works he has done for clients and so receiving such sums are not anything illegal.

“We find this claim as only a fiendish enterprise by the OSP to pitch the former Minister and her family against the public since that has been the intent from day one”, the aide submitted.

Below is the full press statement .

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