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48 youth in Kumasi benefit from free mentorship by ASOR Mentoring Network

Forty-eight youth from across Kumasi have received mentorship from the ASOR mentorship network to guide them in the next level of their lives.

The ASOR mentorship network is an initiative that seeks to ensure that young national service personnel are exposed to options they can explore after their service to the state.

“The whole purpose of this is to give options to people who have finished school and to help shift their mindset and their attention to things they can do based on their talents and knowledge that they have gained from their universities,” said leader of the ASOR mentorship network, Dr. Shalom Daniel Addo Danso.

The beneficiaries are National Service personnel who find themselves in different industries.


This year’s mentorship program under the theme; “Level up, unlock your potential, elevate your future” focused on idea generations, driven by impact, volunteerism, harnessing entrepreneurial potential for personal development amongst others.

Speaking at the conference, the editor of Luv and Nhyira Fm, Mr. Kofi Adu Domfeh encouraged the youth not to yield to societal pressures.

“We live in a society where success is currently been defined by the cars you drive or your houses. Society puts a lot of pressure on young people, success in life is not all about material things, the button line is being happy.

“No one should put pressure on a young person to the point of being depressed and suffering mental issues. At any point in life no one should be pressured, being it an academic activity or employment let’s give people the support they need and not put due pressure on them so that they move into a state of depression and have mental health issues and will not be able to achieve the potential they have within them,” he said.

Mrs. Francisca Taylor was also a facilitator at the mentorship session. She said: “In the coming years I hope we have more people join, I want to encourage you young people out there that you are doing amazing. Keep going and if you need help we are all here to support you,” she said.

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