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Concerned teachers demand payment of 6-month arrears

The Concerned Teachers Association of Ghana is demanding the payment of their 6-month outstanding arrears of mutual funds from the government or face their wrath.

The group says for more than a year the government has disregarded their welfare, resulting in continuous delays in releasing mutual funds and welfare dues deductions.

According to the teachers, the haircut conditionalities associated with the International Monetary Fund bailout is biting hard on their pockets.

“This deliberate haircut annouced by the Minister after meeting the IMF is leaving many teachers facing financial uncertainties. This unexpected move by the government within this one and half years has sparked outrage within the education community and the livelihood of most of us who recognize the essential role of both the nuclear and the extended families in our society,” the statement said.

The group says after several appeals to the government it has turned a deaf ear to their concerns.

In a statement, they are requesting that the office disburses their funds by next month to avoid labour unrest in the educational sector.

“We are strongly urging the Finance Minister to prioritize the well-being of our dedicated teachers by immediately releasing the withheld mutual funds and welfare dues accrued barely six months to our Fund Managers and the Leadership for the needful things to be done for peace to prevail in the education system,” the statement read.

It continued: “We don’t want to cause any labour unrest to have an impact on our lovely students who are already suffering. Thus, we are giving the Government and the Minister up to next month ending if these accrued funds and dues are not released hmm, we shall advise ourselves accordingly”.

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