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Rape and defilement cases: Stop engaging in ‘backdoor’ mitigations- CEO of Guide and Save Foundation warns prosecutors

The Chief Executive Officer of Guide and Save Foundation Madam Gifty Amissah has bemoaned the rate at which some state prosecutors at the courts are rather convincing victims and families of rape and defilements to seek out of court settlements.

According to Madam Gifty Amissah, some of the prosecutors go to the extent of convincing the victims to stop attending courts proceeding after mitigations so that the case are struck out of court for want of prosecution.

Speaking to SOMPA NEWS, the Chief Executive Officer of Guide and Save Foundation parried the phenomenon adding it has become the new tactics adopted by the prosecutors to render their efforts useless after painstaking investigations into the cases.

The situation which she said was not blamable of judges, demanded stakeholders to reason with her so that the practice would be nipped in the bud completely to ensure the rights of victims are protected.

“Some of these prosecutors go to the extent of seeing the families of these victims upon pleas of the suspects to kill the cases with ease after whatever exchanges in kind. As long as this subtle practice was allowed to go on, we were likely going to lose most or all of our cases. We wish the trend was reversed immediately else the innocent victims would suffer”, Madam Gifty Amissah bemoaned.

Guide and Save Foundation, which operates around Effiduase communities in the Ashanti Region has seen more children especially girls, who are victims of rape and defilements, being provided with vocations and re-integrated into various schools of t Madam Gifty Amissah their choice.

But Madam Gifty Amissah said the situation where some of these prosecutors were making their cases being thrown out of court was becoming very discouraging and a travesty of justice on the part of the victims.


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