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Dr. Stephen Yamoah Addresses Media Professionals on Ghana’s Nuclear Power Advancements

At a recent workshop aimed at fostering media support for Ghana’s nuclear power ventures, Executive Director Dr. Stephen Yamoah shed light on the country’s ongoing dialogue with China regarding potential collaboration on a nuclear power project. Highlighting the necessity for clear communication and strategic backing from the media.

In April, the news about China’s potential involvement in the construction of a nuclear power project does not represent a final agreement. Further discussions are required to reach a formal contract. The recent agreement signed with China is meant to define the subject matter for future discussions and isolate it from other issues.

Another recent development involves two memoranda of understanding signed between Ghana and the United States. One aims to establish a regional welding certification program, and the other pertains to the establishment of a new scale exploration sector in Ghana under the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission.

Additionally, ongoing discussions involve Nuclear Power Ghana and Regum Company Limited, a US-based company, which is looking to develop a new scale power plant in Ghana. This project is intended to have industrial developments surrounding the power plant, similar to the Akosombo model.

The recent agreement between Ghana and the United States is linked to ongoing discussions regarding a small modular reactor project and associated industries. Once these discussions conclude, it may lead to the announcement of an agreement for a small modular reactor with associated industries for Ghana.

Regarding power projects, no decision has been made yet between the two discussed projects, and it will depend on successful negotiations with flexible terms. Furthermore, in line with the Energy Transition Framework developed by the Ministry of Energy Ghana, nuclear energy is projected to constitute over 33% of the energy generation by 2070, indicating the potential for multiple power plant projects in the future.

Source: Ghana/otecfmghana.com/ Charles Mensah Nyamedi

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