Election 2024: Let’s protect judiciary, EC to avoid chaos – Peace Council urges public

The National Peace Council has issued a warning against the engagement of the judiciary and state institutions in politically charged discussions.

The Council believes that such involvement compromises the integrity of these institutions, resulting in a decline in public confidence and potentially disrupting the nation’s peace.

During a Peace Dialogue with stakeholders in Accra on Tuesday, Ernest Adu Gyamfi, Chairman of the National Peace Council, called on the public to back state institutions in fulfilling their roles to ensure peace, emphasising the need for these institutions to remain unbiased.

“Last Sunday, the president of the Bar Association made a clear statement that politicians should not bring politics into our judicial system. Cases go to court. You either put up a good case or not. And if you lose a case, you don’t go to the media and start making noise. You know, get a good case.”

“But I think that the institutions of peace and justice in this country must be protected and when I talk about [them] I talk about peace council, electoral commission, the judiciary.

“These institutions must be protected. The public must know that if we run these institutions down, there’ll be trouble. You know, these are things that everybody must be worried about once we see these things going on. And we think we need to rise and defend these institutions,” he stated.

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