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Involve NDC in 60th anniversary planning – Mpiani

A former Chief of Staff under former President Kufuor’s Administration, Kwadwo Mpiani, has called on the current government to include members of the minority National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the planning of the 60th Independence Anniversary celebration.

This according to him, will project a united picture in the celebration of such an important day.

In an interview with Citi fm, Kwadwo Mpiani argued that, an all-inclusive planning and execution committee, will reduce the rate at which people take entrenched partisan positions even in national programmes.

“I was talking to one radio station and the question put to me was referring to what happened after the golden jubilee celebration, he wanted to know my view on what maybe must be done to avoid that sort of noise making, partisanship among others and I said that I still believe that in these issues, during the 50th anniversary celebration, we invited Parliament to be part of the committee. And you know Parliament consists of majority and minority.

After the first meeting, members of the minority refused to attend subsequent meetings. So at the end of it, there was so much noise.”

“What I suggested was that, government should invite the minority to be part of the national celebration so that at the end of it, we won’t have what happened in 2007 being repeated.

Because if they are all part of it and decisions are taken, the impression of trying to approach it on partisan basis, I believe will be very much minimized and I stand by that,” he clarified.

Source: citifmonline
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