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3 dead, scores in critical condition as 2 vehicles crash

At least three people are dead and scores of injured passengers in critical condition following a Tuesday dawn head-on collision between a bus and cargo truck at Kubease on the Accra-Kumasi highway.

Some passengers of the bus were trapped for minutes in the mangled frontage of the Kia Grandbird bus with the registration GT 3335-16, reports say.

The driver of the cargo truck with registration GR 2207 – W and his assistant (mate) died instantly due to the magnitude of the accident that happened between 2:00 and 3:00am Tuesday, our corresponded said.

The dead being put in a pick-up truck “The make of the truck is not clear because of the impact of the accident,” Carrey said, adding the Police first arrived at the scene and called in the Ghana Fire Service which had the logistics to cut open the mangled vehicle to rescue the trapped passengers and also removed the dead bodies.

One of the dead trapped in the vehicle the injured have been sent to a nearby health facility for medical attention.  Our correspondent said “the Police couldn’t tell whether there were other dead people apart from the three others,” noting some could be in an unconscious state.

It is not clear what caused the accident but initial assessment by the Police on the ground suggested the driver of the bus who was sleeping, veered off its lane and crashed the truck head-on.

The accident spot was spilled with blood from the injured and the dead The bus was travelling from Accra towards Kumasi while the truck, which was loaded with cereals, was moving towards Accra. “According to a police assessment, the bus driver may have been sleeping because he came into the lane of the cargo truck,” Carrey reported.

For over two hours, the Accra-Kumasi road was blocked at the accident spot causing heavy vehicular traffic at both ends of the road.  It was until the road was cleared at about 5:20am that the traffic begun to flow, Carrey reported.

Source: 3news

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