Suame Municipality: Filth engulfs community, residents cry for help (Photos)


Residents of Mpatasie in the Suame Municipality have a passionate appeal to the municipal authorities to rescue them from the filth that has engulfed them for a long time, for the fear of possible outbreak of diseases.

The refuse dump site, which is located in the middle of the community, has been a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other household insects, apart from the strong stench that emanates, making lives of the residents unbearable.

Otec News’ reporter, Evans Aboagye who visited the community on Wednesday, February, 27, 2019, said the refuse dumped which has been piled up for years, is kept  in a gully in the middle of the community, some few meters away from a mosque.

“We made several appeals to the KMA to provide us a refuse container, but they did not, so the people took advantage of this gully dump the refuses here. It has been breeding mosquitoes, houseflies, and cockroaches, which they in turn affect our health. What worries us more is the stench that comes from the dumping ground is so unbearable that you cannot eat when it is in its peak,” a resident told Evans Aboagye.

Another resident also said “Now we have made a report to new assembly (Suame municipal) to clear the refuse away and provide us with containers. With the provision of the container, our health status will prove and people will also stop littering to make the community clean.”

Source: Appiah




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