President Mahama Outlines Plans For Second Term


PRESIDENT JOHN MAHAMAHveep1VEEPpic-1pic3President John Dramani Mahama on Tuesday evening, outlined plans for his second term with a promise of more prosperity and security in Ghana should he be voted into power for a final term.

Convinced that his first term in office has been very productive, during which era he says “major success” has been chalked up in spite of the challenges, the president said he has come to appreciate even more the potential of Ghana to provide prosperity and security for all its citizens.

“With the blessings of the Almighty God and the support of the people of Ghana, I’m confident that my second and final term in office would move Ghana even closer towards the era of prosperity and security”, he said to spontaneous applause by party bigwigs and followers.

President Mahama was speaking at the State Banquet Hall in Accra where he gave highlights of the 2016 campaign manifesto of the ruling National Democratic Congress party (NDC) to be launched on Saturday, September 17, in Sunyani.

President Mahama also promised to continue to work in collaboration with the people in order to create opportunities that will generate prosperity for all.

“This is what the agenda for transformation suggests. This transformation entails a move away from over-reliance on commodity exports towards diversification and value addition”, he said, pointing out that all the plans have already started and would be sustained and accelerated for the next four years.

President Mahama said the NDC has an unwavering belief that Ghana’s greatest wealth is its people and that the nation would continue to rise as the government focused a large part of developmental efforts at harnessing the potentials and ingenuity of the people.

The manifesto titled “Changing Lives, Transforming Ghana”, was crafted on the four thematic areas of:

• Putting People First
• Building a Strong Economy
• Expanding Infrastructure for Growth
• Transparent & Accountable Governance

Vice President Kwesi Amissah Arthur who introduced President Mahama, said the NDC has been privileged in the past to implement four manifestos out of a total of seven, explaining that previous manifestos of the party has seen corrections and improvements of weaknesses as against new challenges facing the country and how they could be overcome.

“Our belief is that our successes are never enough and we can always improve on it. Therefore we strive to do better every time,” he said.

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